Automobile car oil pump installation and removal are very particular about the

 Automobile car oil pump installation and removal are very particular about the
For a car, no matter how loud scream its brand, vehicle safety from parts installed correctly or not. Particularly the oil pump installation, even more important, even if it is such as Buick Series luxury cars, Buick oil pump installation also requires special care. Today we'll talk about a simple pump installation problems, I hope these installation methods, the actual work for everyone after the professional guidance can work, you can help.
Installed in the pump into the past, we must first raise its own oil to maintain its lubricity. Average oil pump has inlet and outlet filling hole, which is filling the oil channel. When the oil filling into the future, to hand struck two gears, gears and gears to ensure the smooth running, no mutual catching phenomenon. Oil must use the brand, no-name oil is often mixed with impurities, a long time, oil pump gears are worn impurities. Second, when installed, must be aligned position, especially very particular about tightening the screws must be tightened a screw first, go to tighten another, rather than simultaneously tighten.
Automotive oil pump, ensure the car engine work as an important component, it should be equally demolition done by professionals, not by non-professionals disassemble, otherwise it is prone to a number of conditions in the service when the very difficult.
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