Automotive repair and maintenance on the machine when you do not forget the oil pump overhaul

 Automotive repair and maintenance on the machine when you do not forget the oil pump overhaul
For car owners, each over a period of time, it is necessary to conduct a large on car repairs, these include replacement of lubricating machines, maintenance of the engine. But do not forget to remove the oil pump to carry out a check, because the normal operation of the oil pump relates to the car's normal driving. It is a gear, the engine oil to all parts of the transmission, oil pump if a problem, and that is a big problem.
In the long traveling, car pump wear situation can also occur, if subject to wear, its function will be affected, first, the pump pressure will drop, followed by the fuel pump is reduced, and finally lubricated Debu car engine gear ministries appear to touch the gear case, seriously affecting traffic safety. So when the car maintenance, but also for the maintenance and care of the oil pump, and let the professional people to give you to do maintenance, so more secure.
Removing the modern oil pump, first remove its tubing and oil strainer, and then check the wear of the gap between gears whether the target. Generally, oil pump wear between the gears up to 0.20mm, which is a limit, beyond this value, it must replace the gear. This value is measured using what tools out of it? Is a feeler, which is a pump designed to measure the degree of wear of the gears between the tool.
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