interpretation for auto oil pump

  interpretation for auto oil pump 
Many of my friends now know the oil pump to run for the car is very important, but for understanding the working principle of the oil pump is not very clear. The reason to go to understand the working principle of the oil pump, or to let their friends while driving in the event of engine flameout or oil pump stops working conditions, know how to be processed.
Oil Pump gear pump is now mostly when the car engine started working after the car driven by the engine shaft oil pump drive gear, running at high speed, the car inside and outside the oil pump to form a strongly positive or negative pressure difference, so the oil was sucked from the oil pump, the pressure of the various parts of the engine, which implements a mandatory lubrication. The oil pump is actually played here a role of increasing external pressure difference, the faster, the greater the pressure, the faster the flow of oil, car ran up the more comfortable.
From here we see it, the modern oil pump and the engine axle gear meshing between how important it is, if the gear meshing appeared uncoordinated, it will affect the engine's work. So friends, if there are problems, you can go from this aspect into account. In fact, many times, as long as we usually pay attention to plot
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