Why always appear oil pump pressure is too low?

 Why always appear oil pump pressure is too low?
I often heard friends complain about some of motoring, said his car was good, the engine suddenly died. That's just bought himself Buick, Buick is the latest installed pump, do the open thousands of kilometers on the bad? Of course not, a closer look at the reasons, this is mostly because of low pressure oil pump itself caused. So why is there low pressure oil pump itself happen? Typically there are several reasons, we can take a look, hoping to give you some help.
First, we can find a cause to the engine, the engine room appeared bearing the gap is too large, if possible, as soon as possible to replace the shaft and tile. Second, there may be a larger cooling system failure, resulting in a decline in the viscosity of the oil, the oil can not be infiltrated into all parts of the engine, this time, we should consider replacing the oil. The third is the oil pump sump oil is low, you can add a way to resolve. Then there are such as suction plate clogging intake pipe screws are not tightened and other small problems can be solved successfully.
Oil Pump is the lifeblood of cars, but also the safety of the driver life preserver, therefore, for its inspection, maintenance, maintenance of the moment can not stop. These reasons are the result of low pump pressure itself, the reason we all can serve as a reference and consider the standard value.
2013-07-07 22:33:11

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