Teach you in case of emergency handling of the oil pump

 Teach you in case of emergency handling of the oil pump
Always listen to some Cheyou friend asked the question about the oil pump, and what my car was the Buick Sail, my Buick oil pump in the end how long can it? The long life of the oil pump in the end it sort of problem. In particular there are some friends who bought a Buick Sail since then, moving the oil pump did not go over, they are particularly afraid of one day traveling to the mountains into the valley broke down, so they called not being heard by anyone. Encountered such a situation, only willing to recognize trouble.
In fact, as a brand, Buick oil pump is not easily broken, but then again, who comes across a case. Here to teach you a little way. For example, when you step on the highway traveling at a speed of 110, this time for oil lamps lit, the display is not enough oil. Then hear the sound of the engine irregular, then should be able to determine the oil pump out of the question. It does not matter, continue to walk, but the speed can not exceed 110 step up. As long as the speed of less than 110 step slow moving, pitted one hundred kilometers is not a problem.
Wait until the service station, directly with the master said, another auto oil pump it, and soon you'll be driving a car and hit the road. Moreover, as long as the attention to traffic speed, new for the oil pump to spend a few years there is no problem. High quality oil pump also protect your safety, to ensure safety on the road.
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