Solve hyundai oil pump does not suck to emergency measures

 Solve modern oil pump does not suck to emergency measures
Vehicles using modern oil pump, not just cars, there is a kind widely used in rural diesel vehicles, such as tractors, agricultural tricycle and so on. These locomotive fuel consumption, diesel obviously more economical than gasoline. But in the course of farmers often appear midway flameout phenomenon, which is why? Here we come together to learn and understand what the reason, gain more knowledge, and in everyday life to give us help.
Of course, because of the use of the oil is too thin causes. A large number of oil seeped into the oil housing portion, automotive oil pump only idle, but not oil to suck. Of course, farmers due to lack of awareness of using regular oil, often resulting in the middle stall. How to do it? How do emergency measures have? Of course, it can be operated. The modern filter pump carefully removed, and the outlet port to a number of oil refilling, the focus is the next step, with the catch in the opposite direction of the flywheel Meng turn laps, with just infusion into the lubrication oil, to sink to the bottom of the oil to drive up, so that the pump slowly restore function.
Of course, this is only a stopgap measure, is the locomotive for agricultural damage caused by the oil pump broke down halfway when emergency treatment. How to handle it? The most fundamental approach, or to use the regular manufacturers of oil, from the fundamental solution to the problem of the oil too thin.
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