vehicle maintenance Content also includes maintenance of oil pump

 vehicle maintenance Content also includes maintenance of oil pump
Every holiday, many owners would like to family outings, drove all the way, all the way to travel. But before departure, they generally do not forget to give your car to do a big maintenance, need to pay attention a lot of problems. The appearance of the tire from the vehicle, from the engine to the throttle brake, everything was carefully checked. But some people not try to forget for a car hidden in the engine oil pump for medical examination.
This is very wrong, because for a car, not just an oil pump draws oil moisturize engine pump, it is a pump to protect the owner's life. Although a small oil pump, moving the entire engine system's normal turn depends on it. In other words, if the oil pump a little wear and tear occurs, it means that the engine can not get the engine oil moisture, which means the car is scrapped the basic state. That is, oil pump directly determines the life of the vehicle.
So, here, do not forget automobile experts repeatedly remind owners, previous maintenance, must take the modern oil pump removed. Clean it and the oil strainer tubing, if you find the oil pump gear wear exceeds a predetermined value, then do not want money, to decisively replaced. So, we can ensure that travel on the road bon voyage, to ensure road safety performance, ensure everyone's safety from abuse.
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