Initial Oil Pump Startup

Initial Oil Pump Startup
Proper oil pump installation for all engines International standard

Before installing this new oil pump, there are several preventative measures that should be taken: If this new oil pump is being installed on an engine that has been in service and experienced a loss of oil pressure, a thorough examination should be made of all bearings. The oil pan should be checked for signs of broken valve stem seals and pieces of nylon timing gear sprocket teeth or other foreign materials. Small pieces of debris can cause the oil pump to "lock up" and damage other vital engine parts.

The new oil pump should be primed prior to installation by submerging it in a supply of clean engine oil and rotating the shaft. If the pump cannot be primed with oil, it should be packed with petroleum jelly which will aid in priming. Do not pack the pump cavity with grease as the oil filter may become clogged due to the higher melting point of grease.

Sometimes it may be necessary to rotate the pump body slightly to insure crankshaft clearance. Rotate the crankshaft at least once as a precautionary measure.

When installing a high volume pump, be sure to check the pump & pick-up to pan clearance. Longer gears or gerotors on the high volume pumps might pose an interference problem. Be sure that the pick-up is between 1/4" to 3/8" above the pan floor for best performance. In all applications it is recommended that an intermediate shaft with the steel sleeve be used .

Prior to starting a new engine, the oiling system should be pre pressurized by spinning the oil pump with an electric drill using an adapter . Initial start up of a "dry"engine can cut the service life of the engine in half.
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