Automotive lubricating oil pump itself is also very important

 Automotive lubricating oil pump itself is also very important
We all know that car is used to pump lubricating oil to the various parts of the engine, in order to ensure normal operation of the engine is important engine parts. However, the operation of the oil pump itself, but also rely on what? Of course, depend on oil, but oil is a high purity, which is what we usually refer to the working medium oil. Here we take a look on the oil pump working medium of the relevant knowledge, hoping to give some help my friends want to know.
Lubricating oil pump selected concentrations should be moderate, neither too high nor too low, but also take into account the seasonal factors in there. Summer heat, you must select the higher concentration, high temperature; winter cold, you must select a lower concentration, not frozen. If you are able to choose the kind of temperature change and adjust automatically according to oil the better, otherwise it is best to different seasons, different working medium oil.
Modern oil pump are very delicate, so for users that each add oil, to have to do some cleaning. In particular, note that the choice of the oil can not contain any impurities inside, since any impurities are likely to result
Pump wear, which in turn lead to failure of the oil pump operation.
     So, auto lubrication oil pump itself is also very important, and friends in order to maintain a good car oil pump, must do its own lubrication.
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